Travel articles always talk about what to do when you first travel, or your first road trip, but you almost never come across what not to do when you are traveling.

As sure, are a lot of things you should do when you travel, there are even more things to not do. Travelers make a lot of mistakes when they are on the road. As a result, they lose money and opportunities. For example, using taxis, will kill your budget, when you are abroad. You either use your own rented car, or use public transport. Enterprise rent a car mco is a way to rent a car for your trip, or just check a map of the city to use buses or trains. That is why, in this article I am going to share with you some of the mistakes that everyone should avoid on the road.

The objective is to travel cheaper, smarter and for longer time.

1. Never eat near famous sites

Restaurants know that this are tourist sites and that is why they don’t have to worry if the costumers will not come back. Resulting in low quality of food and very high prices. On the other side, local food businesses have very high standards, because the locals will always keep going there and that’s why that is the proper place to eat.

2. Never. Never exchange money at the airports.

I am sure that there are times when you are obligated to exchange money at any cost wherever you are. In any case if It is not a matter of urgency, then never exchange money on the worst exchange rates that you can get, as the ones at the airports.

3. It is useless and risky to bring travelers checks.

Nowadays traveler’s checks are not helpful anymore. There are not many banks around the globe that accepts them, and there is no protection if lost.

4. Do a little research even in non-American search engines.

Travelers always want to find their best possibilities and also the best prices. Lower prices and longer time to travel. In this case if you limit yourself in one search engine, you obviously limit your possibilities.

5. Always buy the travel insurance.

The point is, that you will never know what to expect on the road, and this little extra expense is for the best. Travel insurance protects you in the case of a lost product, or an accident, and is better to keep it with you.

6. Attend hospitality networks.

Hospitality networks are a good way to get to know locals and other travelers. Families, couples and other solo travelers. It is always nice to socialize and enjoy your stay in another country. Couch surfing and Servas are some famous hospitality networks.

7. Never book your trip early.

It is not true that booking earlier it is always cheaper. You have to wait and try to find the best deals that you can, this way you save money and don’t get excited earlier than you should.
Traveling is always fun, things to not do when you go around the globe, you will always learn from mistakes. To maximize the fun, it is always better to have your own car, or rent one, from websites like This way you can stop anywhere and create new experiences and memories.