When it comes to dealing with a long journey, whether it is to reach a particularly distant destination (as Las Vegas, for examples) or for an on-the-road holiday, it is important to choose the best possible car that combines comfort, safety and – possibly – savings. But which cars are best suited for long journeys?

Let’s start with safety: all the rental agencies submit their fleet to continuous checks, plus the cars are replaced very often, so you will never find yourself driving an old car. Renting a car for a long journey is a smart move for this: having the safety of a new and well-maintained car. But which are the most suitable models for a long journey?

Which cars do you need to rent for a long journey?

1. Minivans with 5, 7 or 9 seaters

The minivans are vehicles characterized by a high longitudinal and vertical spaciousness of the passenger compartment. They are perfect for large groups and families and are probably the most suitable machines for long journeys. The most popular minivans are those with 7 and 9 seats, also called minivans (here you will find a comprehensive guide on the 7 and 9-seater minibuses rented by the agencies) that can also be guided with the normal civil license. But there are also 5-seater minivans, perfect for families.

The 7/9 minivan models available to the agencies are always of the latest generation. You can find the one that suits you best with the dedicated NoleggioAuto.it engine. The models most used by agencies for the seven seats are Citroen C4 Picasso, Opel Zafira DTI, Ford Galaxy, Kia Sedona, Peugeot 5008 DTI, Renault Scenic and Volkswagen Touran. While for the 9 seats are: Opel Vivaro, Mercedes Vito Traveliner Automatic, Renault Traffic and Fiat Scudo.

They are cars specifically built for long journeys and combine the best technology in the field of safety with better visibility on the road, thanks to the high positioning of the seats, a major advantage.

2. Station Wagon

If what you need is a large trunk, but with reduced costs, a Station Wagon is right for you. They are machines that combine large spaces with lower consumption compared to other C-segment cars, the compact one. They also often have lower rental costs than machines with smaller spaces but raised bodies (such as SUVs and crossovers). Perfect for those travelling with the family, the SW is living a second youth and after a period of prosperity all the best car manufacturers are investing in this type of car, just for the convenience, it offers at reasonable prices.

3. SUV

Thanks to the raised driving position compared to the “normal” cars – which gives better visibility – and the massive design that transmits safety, SUVs are increasingly sought not only by those seeking adventure but also by families who need to combine safety and comfort. These cars combine the safety offered by a body very resistant to the elegance of a refined and exclusive design. An SUV is perfect for long journeys, but also for getting around the city because the eye also wants its part.


It is not necessary to rent a particularly luxurious car to enjoy the trip but the one that best suits your needs. Especially on the basis of your family structure and the type of trip, you intend to take. If you are in Las Vegas with your sweetheart, you could logically opt for a luxury car with that sporty touch that will make your travels fascinating and full of panache.
On the contrary, if your goal is to visit historical attractions or natural attractions, it is more important that the machine has the necessary space to store your objects. There are also other circumstances, for example, having dogs on board can greatly affect the journey you intend to make and that is why the Station Wagons lend themselves greatly to your task. In short, do not focus only on the brand but be able to choose based on the context and not only on appearances.